Hermes CO2 Bubbler can constantly control the resistance value within a very precise range in response to the high impedance electrostatic effect of ultrapure water. Even in the face of instantaneous high water flow changes, it can quickly and automatically adjust; in addition, this The high modular design of the machine, in addition to easy maintenance, there is no additional cost incurred by consumables (this machine has passed the German Rhein TUV SEMI S2 safety certification).

Purpose of usage

CO2 dissolves in water to produce anions and cations, using ions to neutralize static electricity H2O + CO2 → HCO3- + H+
* Static electricity generated by friction when cutting or grinding
* Electrostatic electricity generated by friction of ultrapure water flowing through the pipeline

Applicable machine

Semiconductor: Cutting machine, grinding machine, Water Jet Cleaning, Scrubber, Mask Cleaning

LCD: Yellow light zone machine (4K/cleaning zone) Water Jet Cleaning & acid-base neutralization
Machine size: 70cm*61cm*153cm
Machine weight: 70kg

Model: EC250E 30 Lpm、EC250S 40 Lpm、EC350E 50 Lpm