Company Profile
We are a professional manufacturer of flowmeters.
With a rich lineup and extensive support, we will propose the optimal solution.



PISCO originated and grew up in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. PISCO changed the fluid switching method based on its unique concept (origin of company name) – PIPE・SLIDE・CHANGE- P.S.C (patent

No. 1300034) The fluid switching valve was commercialized and established on October 18, Showa 51 (1976). Since its establishment, it will create

Creative thinking and creating products with the spirit of customer first as the basic concept of the company’s management, continue to supply many different kinds to the market

Category of products. Thanks to everyone’s love, now PISCO’s products are not only in the domestic market, but also in the overseas market by many customers


The PISCO brand is a promise to our honest customers. I sincerely thank all customers who have been caring about supporting PISCO.
We always keep in mind the original intention of starting a business, humbly listen to the voice of customers, and quickly and flexibly meet the increasingly diverse and severe needs

In the future, we will continue to work harder.



KOGANEI was established in February 1934. It has been deeply involved in the automation industry for decades. It is a well-known international air compressor product manufacturer. In addition to its own country, Japan, its service bases are more extensive in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, etc. The production plants are except Nagano, Japan In addition to, Tokyo, Kumamoto, etc., there are also production bases in China and Vietnam.

For a long time, Koganei products are well-known at home and abroad for their high precision and high quality. Its social motto is one, selflessness and altruism. 2. Facing customers honestly and humbly, and continue to reflect, review and improve. 3. Seek precedents and break through the dilemma of the status quo. Therefore, under the agency of social training, Koganei keeps researching and developing high-standard products that lead the industry, and his focus on environmental protection is equal. So far, Koganei Headquarters has a capital of 641,378,550 yen, and it continues to expand its scale, and actively expand from the original work machinery, pneumatic products, etc., to the environmental machinery, medical applications, medical equipment and other industries, hoping to produce clean energy To the world.



Excelitas Technologies is a technology leader, committed to providing high-performance, market-led photonic innovation technology to meet the needs of global customers for lighting, optoelectronics, detection and optical technology. Excelitas Technologies is committed to providing services for various applications in the automotive, consumer products, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and scientific fields, and is committed to promoting customer success.



In the 60 years since its establishment, Keihin has been creating a variety of products for the “operation” of cars and motorcycles, contributing to a rapidly changing society, providing people all over the world with a rich and convenient life, while reducing The impact of the global environment.

With the development of cars and motorcycles towards more comfortable and environmentally friendly cars, Keihin will develop products through its own technology. As a manufacturer of systems that control green vehicles (such as hybrid and electric vehicles and gasoline engines), it will be Customer appreciation.