Talent is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. With an excellent management team, an enterprise can grow, become strong, and operate continuously. Only a happy company that creates a happy working environment for employees and is full of harmony and friendship can attract outstanding talents to the maximum extent and inspire and retain them. I believe that only under the concept of common development and common prosperity of the company and the team can we develop an enterprise system respected by customers and peers.


AVVA believes that only the continuous innovation of comprehensive software and hardware systems can inspire more sparks from the management team and continuously expand the company’s competitiveness. Based on the continuous accumulation and growth of technology, the team leads the overall leap forward of marketing, system, finance, organizational structure, production and other systems. It can not only help customers find key technologies to solve problems and provide more attractive products, but also create a people-oriented innovation model.


AVVA focuses on the development of process equipment in the semiconductor industry, closes to customer needs with the highest team action, and fully meets the increasingly complex process needs with quality products and service-oriented support. Use a structured organization with simplification and independent innovation to ensure service-oriented business advantages.


With the help of professional technology, AVVA assists customers in realizing process optimization and innovation through the optimization and integration of value co-creation and technical services. Through the model developed in cooperation with the technical center of long-term customers, it can also provide customers with “next step” process solutions. Using the practical operating experience and knowledge of the latest development of system technology and process combination, we provide customers with integrated services from design planning, technical consultation to system output. In this way, Jingying constantly strives to work hand in hand with customers to realize product innovation, create continuous competitive advantages and profit growth space for customers, so as to create win-win value.