AVVA has been working in the semiconductor industry for a long time. It not only provides machines and equipment, but also attaches importance to the efficiency and quality of customer service. In the process of solving problems for customers, it invisibly establishes a professional image of Jingying Technology. It is currently assisting many customers to solve/improve the problems encountered on the production line. If you have any questions, Jingying Technology is very happy to help customers face challenges. If you need to provide professional services to you, please contact us!

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AVVA, as a strong backing for customers, in addition to its own professional R&D capabilities, it is also necessary to maintain close relationships with suppliers. It provides customers with product parts that best suit their needs. The cooperation model with suppliers is based on mutual trust, On the basis of mutual growth, we have now acted for many brands. With the close cooperation relationship between Jingying Technology and customers, we can further grasp the trend and predict the future product layout. If you need to entrust products, please contact us!